This service is provided for the breed by volunteers and is outside the influence of the four Welsh Springer Clubs. It has a central co-ordinator, who is usually the first point of contact, with regional representatives. It is self funding with various events being run around the country by Welsh Springer owners to raise funds for the service.

After over 20 years of exemplary work Heather Riley handed over the reins as Co-ordinator to Sue Taylor. Representaives are presently in the process of reorganising the scheme to move forwards into the future and any changes will be reported when decisos have been made by the Co-ordinator and her helpers

Representative Area covered Contact number
Joy Hartley Co-ordinator and South Yorkshire 01302 834148
Heather Riley Treasurer and North East O1325 718055
Jackie Larmer Essex and Kent 01959 525880
Tina Crockford South Coast and I.O.W. 01329 230894
Julie Exall Somerset Contact Sue Taylor
Karen Lancett Herefordshire 01989 750077
Lesley Tain West Yorkshire 01484 640755
Doreen Gateley North West 0161 9983911
Tricia Greene London and Lincs 01529 455526
Sandra Bell North Wales 01691 860345
Kay Bryant South Wales and Three Counties 01684 311018
Ruth Dalrymple Scotland 01236 830010
Thelma Ritchie Cumbria 01768 899057
Brenda Frost Merseyside 079672 46076

Disclaimer: Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue(WSSR) is an association of volunteers independent of the existing four Welsh Springer Spaniel Clubs. It is not controlled by them in any way and any statements, policies or actions made by the WSSR are not necessarily endorsed by the four clubs.