Please remember that buying a dog is a major commitment. You will have to devote time, money and commitment to a dog for a period, which may be as long as 15 years or more.

All breeds have different characteristics and different requirements. Toys breeds do not typically require the same exercise as the Sporting breeds A Welsh Springer is an active dog, which, as an adult, needs enough of the correct kind of exercise. Welsh Springers are not happy if they are separated from people for long periods of time.

Before deciding that a Welsh Springer is right for you and your family, please research the breed; use the internet, if available. Visit one of the Kennel Club 'Discover Dogs' events which are held annually, at present at Earls Court in London, where all breeds are available to be seen and to interact with. Ideally, you should make contact with a number of breeders, visit them and decide if this breed is right for you. You can meet breeders at dog shows or contact them through Welsh Springer Spaniel email lists.

The Kennel Club now classify breeders who meet certain criteria as 'Assured Breeders' and a list of them can be found on the KC's website for each breed. Neither the parent club or the three regional clubs give recommendations for breeders, however the club secretaries can supply you with details of breeders in the UK who have puppies available.

Litter of WSS puppies

You might also want to consider the possibility of adopting a rescue Welsh. Members of all four clubs co-operate and run a rescue and re-homing scheme, which is described on a separate page HERE

Above all please accept the advice which may be given by the breeders. Many of them have spent their lifetimes with dogs and particularly with this breed. Be honest with them tell them why you wish to own a dog and in particular a Welsh Springer. All puppies have slightly different characters and they could help you choose the puppy most suited to your needs. If you wish to take the major step of entering into the world of dog shows with your puppy again please listen to the advice of the breeder. They will have seen previous matings and most will be able to identify those which are most likely to be suitable for the show ring, it is unlikely you will have either the knowledge or ability to do so even if you have had this or other breeds.If you decide to buy a Welsh Springer and have chosen a reputable breeder you should be advised by them of what you will require for the puppy, food, bedding etc. They should on purchase supply you with a number of documents applicable to the puppy, a bill of sale which sets out any restrictions or terms which apply to the sale, a pedigree of the mating and insurance for the puppy for a short period whilst you make your own arrangements.

Two WSS Puppies